Canon 5D Mark II

Pro surfer Jamie O’Brien, the waves of the North Shore located on Oahu, Hawaii and a one day power failure equal the recipe for my latest adventure with the crew from Laforet Visuals.  The ensemble cast of characters consists of Vincent Laforet, Mike Isler, Tabb Firchau, and Ryan Hughes,  and myself.  We’ve been working with the new Canon 5D MarkII, which records 1080p in addition to the RED One (4K HD) camera with a special Wicked Circuits Canon EOS Smart Mount that enables us to shoot the RED utilizing the entire line-up of Canon lenses. 

The day we left NYC for the beautiful shores of Hawaii it looked something like this:
The shoot has gotten off to a great start and working with just about every lens Canon makes has been interesting.  Vincent has crafted a great story for us to shoot and has provided an equally impressive array of toys, toys, and more toys.  He’s pretty much Santa this year.  To make matters even better Jamie O’Brien is a really chill character and a pro all the way around.  I look forward to seeing what we get done.
I’ve been shooting Steadicam utilizing the Flyer with both the RED and Canon 5D.  The detail of the RED is absolutely stunning.  It’s been pretty exciting and to take a look at some of the latest footage check out Vincent’s blog posting at: Laforet Visuals
One week down, two to go…

Cameras, Acrobats, and Contortionists OH MY!

A couple of weeks ago fellow photographer and friend Vincent LaForet, a Canon Explorer of Light, mentioned he wanted to shoot another demo video with the highly anticipated CANON 5D Mark II in New York City after the incredible success of REVERIE, his first video shoot.  
The Catch… We wanted to be the first to ever fly the still camera on a professional STEADICAM rig.  This was my first major production as a steadicam operator since attending the SOA certification course and to be able to shoot with such incredible performers in Manhattan was a total thrill.  Flips off monuments, BBoys busting moves on the subway, and contortionists in Times Square are just some of the highlights.  
The video will be released this week and I will be posting the video link here as soon as it’s edited.