Monthly Archives: June 2011

A day on Deerfield Beach, FL, featuring the ProFoto Acute B2 and the photographic work and technique of wedding photographer Tommy Munoz.

Everything went great, my shoes were soaked and we wrapped moments before a downpour. I was shocked by the weight of the pack and thought the battery was actually missing when I lifted the Acute B2 during the shoot.

In the age of extra baggage fees and excessive charges for cases weighing more than 50lbs, you can bet a few of these will be replacing my Pro7Bs on my next shoot.

Client: ProFoto USA
Creative Director: Ab Sesay, ProFoto
Producer: Richard Patterson
Camera A / Steadicam : Richard Patterson
Camera B : Jorge Rubiera
Editor: Jorge Rubiera

I had the pleasure to direct and shoot this video piece on artist, photographer, and educator John Paul Caponigro for X-Rite.
We shot this piece in Maine and John took our production team to several amazing spots.
The food wasn’t bad either.
I hope you enjoy and thanks John for a great tour.