Monthly Archives: May 2011

Ok… GoPro Mr Hero

I decided to finally become a certified scuba diver and it’s a shame that I have waited so long. My dive shop, South Beach Dive and Surf in Miami Beach, is a few blocks from my house. The dive destinations were either off the coast of Miami, or we would travel down to Key Largo.
My instructors were very cool and knowledgeable. The prices for the gear and instruction at the shop were very competitive to what I found on-line, so I purchased my equipment there… I say support local businesses when you can.
So, now that I have an excuse to strap a GoPro Hero to my head I decided to make a series of videos documenting my new adventures.
The USS Spiegel Grove served as the backdrop to this video. I spent a little extra time on the edit. Diving from a submarine was definitely not covered in my advanced or nitrox classes.