Monthly Archives: August 2009

Roughly 600 miles of driving throughout New South Wales, Australia delivered my crew and I to Dubbo, a small town nestled between somewhere and nowhere. We scouted, plotted, and shot our video in a hard and hot 32 hours. Our gear was provided by Panavision Cameras and Lighting. We used the Sony F23 (not your average camera, price tag $350,000 for the body alone), and the 4x4x4 uncompressed HD image it produces is ridiculous. As a friend of mine just recently said… “shoots are never perfect” and he would have been right once again here, however our small crew were total PROs and their hilarious jokes helped push us past the 100 degree temps. I want to thank each and everyone of them for their help on this project. Aussies Rock.

Director of Photography / Producer: Richard Patterson
Director: Luke Torrevillas
Producer/Playback/Unit/Technical Adviser: Nic Godoy
AD / PA / Driver: Paul Misbrener
Cam Assist / Focus Puller: Rose McVitte

Editor: Miles Selwyn
Grade: David Sander
Post Facilities: Klinik Design, Sydney Australia
Special Thanks to Clint Logan, EP Klinik Design

Camera Supplied by Panavision
Lighting by Panavision Lighting