Monthly Archives: May 2009

This is my third trip to Ireland and I’m always amazed at the hospitality, conversations, and adventures that take place here each time I come.  I’m working with Jorge and Raul Rubiera of Swamp Valve Pictures on a documentary on Alexander Knaifel, Russian composer.  His music provided the inspiration to Jorge’s movie “Meniscus“, which I’m working on as the DP. Everything is going really well and Alexander’s music is very modern.  The best night so far followed Mr. Knaifel’s performance at a really nice pub located high on a hill within the small town of Drogheda, Ireland.  The composer, the musicians, and our crew enjoyed a night of local folk music at a charming pub with an endless supply of Guiness and whiskey.  Getting the gear and instruments down the hill at sunrise was a symphony of sound in itself.