Monthly Archives: February 2009

Friends Elizabeth Marz, makeup artist, and Marissa Waters, stylist, and I got together one recent Saturday afternoon for a shoot on the roof of my building. It was unusually warm for the mid-February day and the sky was a beautiful cadet blue. Inspired by a recent Japanese anime, Marissa pulled a wardrobe fit for Blade runner and Liz complimented the attire with an equally impressive hand at the makeup and hair. In the end, a day intended for fun, turned into a great collaboration… big thanks goes out to Dasha from Elite NYC for bearing the above average but cold temps 🙂

Here are a couple of the non-retouched images:

It’s a great feeling when you finally see the fruits of your labor. The crew of the Jamie O’Brien shoot in Oahu, Hawaii put in a tremendous amount of work on a daily basis and I’m honored to be part of it. Please take the following link to see the finished trailer (2 minutes long) showcasing the work of Vincent Laforet, Nich Childs, Mike Isler, Tab Firchau, Ryan Hughes and myself and of course… Jamie O’Brien.

We could have worked
We decided to play
Now my body feels it the next day 
It was a really great day out on the slopes (hill), but what a fantastic, last minute trip it turned out to be.  Special thanks to my stunt team 🙂
Karen “The Flame” Heston
Sarah “The African Bullet” Hart
Chris “The Sabo” Le
It’s Friday, we’re all back to work, but the daydreams of the white powder and blue skies make the day fly by that much quicker.  “wait, what’s that, oh who’s at the door?… oh, hello Weekend, won’t you come in…”
Good times…