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The halfway mark in anything I do is loaded with a range of emotions depending on the project.  Often it’s a time to take account of what I’ve accomplished and definitely see where my short comings fall, tally-up my success stories, and analysis how I can improve on both.  My latest project here in Hawaii is no different.  The weather, logistics and technical aspects of the job have drained an incredible amount of time from our small, but very talented crew, and definitely stretched our resources, but everyone is staying very focused on making this shoot succeed.  

The center of our piece, Jamie O’Brien, is a pro as well and one hell of a surfer.  The big waves are coming and their timing could not have been better.  To see a sample of our shoot please click on:Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet  

Pro surfer Jamie O’Brien, the waves of the North Shore located on Oahu, Hawaii and a one day power failure equal the recipe for my latest adventure with the crew from Laforet Visuals.  The ensemble cast of characters consists of Vincent Laforet, Mike Isler, Tabb Firchau, and Ryan Hughes,  and myself.  We’ve been working with the new Canon 5D MarkII, which records 1080p in addition to the RED One (4K HD) camera with a special Wicked Circuits Canon EOS Smart Mount that enables us to shoot the RED utilizing the entire line-up of Canon lenses. 

The day we left NYC for the beautiful shores of Hawaii it looked something like this:
The shoot has gotten off to a great start and working with just about every lens Canon makes has been interesting.  Vincent has crafted a great story for us to shoot and has provided an equally impressive array of toys, toys, and more toys.  He’s pretty much Santa this year.  To make matters even better Jamie O’Brien is a really chill character and a pro all the way around.  I look forward to seeing what we get done.
I’ve been shooting Steadicam utilizing the Flyer with both the RED and Canon 5D.  The detail of the RED is absolutely stunning.  It’s been pretty exciting and to take a look at some of the latest footage check out Vincent’s blog posting at: Laforet Visuals
One week down, two to go…

Earlier this year my client, HSBC Private Bank, approached me with an amazing opportunity to create an unlimited number of portraits during an event in the first week of December in Miami, FL, called Design Miami 2008.  Miami is bursting with a colorful  characters from around the world during this time because this event coincides with Art Basel Miami.

Armed with ProFoto Lighting, a Hasselblad H1 & P25 PhaseONE digital back my team and I began pre-lighting the day before the opening.  The portraits ranged from the very well known to the passerby, but all of them will be compiled into a coffee table book to honor the 2008 Designers of the Year, the Campana Brothers from Brazil.
It was a great experience and the images the Hasselblad H1 captured were amazing.  I am most impressed with the Phase One software’s ability to rescue the detail in the highlight areas of each frame.  Thanks to everyone at HSBC, the Campana Brothers, and Design Miami for all your help and support with this project.