Monthly Archives: November 2008

For several years my friend and talented Director and Musician Jorge Rubiera has been writing his short film Meniscus. Today we embarked on bringing his story to life on the farms of Fayetteville, North Carolina using the Panasonic AG-HPX170. We have a young but talented cast lead by Jorge as we trod through the streams and cow pastures of the rural countryside. I’m the DP and steadicam operator on the shoot, which will be done over three months. Down home fried chicken, friends, and a great location (I think that’s what Jean-Luc Godard said 🙂

After one week of shooting we shall reconvene in Miami, Florida at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum to shoot the opening of the film on the historic trains

It was a great day when I photographed Joshua Henry of hit Broadway musical The Heights for Miami Magazine in Times Square on a beautiful Saturday morning in November. We used a Canon 1Ds Mark II and 2 ProFoto 7B packs cranked to nearly full power and a beauty dish for a soft fill to illuminate ?. The sun was slowly sneaking out behind the skyscrapers to the south and we quickly worked to capture the pic before the exposure I was hunting was lost.

This was the 3rd situation we shot that morning and he brought an amazing amount of energy to each situation. I’ll be sure to publish the final images once the magazines gets their turn first.

Cameras, Acrobats, and Contortionists OH MY!

A couple of weeks ago fellow photographer and friend Vincent LaForet, a Canon Explorer of Light, mentioned he wanted to shoot another demo video with the highly anticipated CANON 5D Mark II in New York City after the incredible success of REVERIE, his first video shoot.  
The Catch… We wanted to be the first to ever fly the still camera on a professional STEADICAM rig.  This was my first major production as a steadicam operator since attending the SOA certification course and to be able to shoot with such incredible performers in Manhattan was a total thrill.  Flips off monuments, BBoys busting moves on the subway, and contortionists in Times Square are just some of the highlights.  
The video will be released this week and I will be posting the video link here as soon as it’s edited.